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Preventative and Property Management Services

Our property maintenance staff can often solve tenant issues without needing to call outside help. This makes our response times shorter and the work less expensive for you. We offer a number of standardized services. In addition to these standard services, we also maintain an extensive list of contractors and sub-trades that we call upon to handle any job at your property.

Extensive Property Listing System

We create an informative, detailed property listing should you have a vacancy to fill. This information is available to our staff so that when potential tenants call for information on a specific unit, or about units in general, we can quickly access these details at hand to help rent your unit to a suitable tenant.

Property Inspections

We conduct regular inspections of your property, informing you of items that might need attention in the future – in order to maintain and protect your investment.

Tenant Rent Pick-Up

We go to your tenant’s door to collect the rent. Besides the added convenience for the tenant – this gives us an opportunity to do a no-cost informal inspection while we’re there.

Houses and Apartments

Ambiance Property Management currently manages numerous individual homes and suites across Lower Mainland. Services provided are:

  • Negotiate rent increases after conducting appropriate market research
  • Collect rent from tenants
  • Enforcing of Tenancy Lease Agreements in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Screening of potential tenants
  • Advertising of property availability and arranging showings
  • Correspondence with the owner regarding tenant relations
  • Handle arbitration hearings as necessary under the Residential Tenancy Act
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Arrange for maintenance, repairs and upgrades as required
  • Scheduling and organizing routine maintenance on-site inspections for move-ins and move-outs
  • Confirming with the utilities department to ensure that tenants are up to date with their accounts
  • Meter readings

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